Book Club Trivia Questions

The Clock Of Life by Nancy Klann Moren

Trivia Questions:

1. Where does the book take place?

2. What is Uncle Mooks prized possession?

3. What do they call the fake coin they make from tinfoil and phonebook?

4. What is the name of moonshine that Samson’s dad sales?

5. What is Wally’s favorite snack?

6.  Who said, “The greatest March on any capital there has ever been in the south.”

7. What was the name of the judge that ruled against creationism in schools?

8. Where did Jason Lee and his mother always go to eat in town?

9. What is the first sent that hits your nose when you walk into Wally’s store?

10. What was the name of the boy that Uncle Mooks saw Grover Peek Lynch?

11. What did the hitchhiker’s tattoo say?

12. What war did Mook get injured in?

13.  What did Samson want to be when he grew up after he read J.L.’s journal?

14. What type of store did Parnell Boyle run?

15. What type of cake did Cassie take into town each week for “employment insurance”?

16. Whose murder was the spark that set off the civil rights movement?

17. Where did Mr. Otis live?

18.  In what city was the substance abuse clinic located?

19. What Blood type did Jason Lee and his father have?



1. Hadlee, Mississippi     2. A gold pocket watch     3. Phone Quarters    4. Mr. J’s Black Thunder

5. Sunflower seeds     6. MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.)  7. William Overton   8. The Grinnin’ Catfish Cafe

9. WD-40    10. Jessie Otis    11. Gone to pot    12. The Vietnam War    13. Lawyer for the NAACP

14. A men’s clothing store    15. Amalgamation cake    16. Emmett Till    17. Chicken Gristle Valley

18. Hattiesburg    19. O negative

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