I was hooked from the first few paragraphs. I became quite attached to the characters and was sad to finish! Nancy Klann-Moren tells us a story not only of growing up in the South during a contentious time in history, but also of self discovery, family relationships, and the importance of friendship. It is serious subject matter, bringing forth sadness and joy, but also much laughter. Nancy definitely has a gift for injecting humor in just the right spot! I particularly love the pace at which she unveiled the story. I was left wanting more. I want to know more of the characters back stories, and what happened to them after the book ends. Jason Lee Rainey has now become one of my favorite literary characters and I am making my teenage sons read this book! This is a must read. I love her writing style. I am really looking forward to more from Nancy in the future! Thanks Nancy! Jane Furgeson, Captain Book

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