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My Friend Kendra

 A while ago I wrote a guest post on Val Muller’s blog Musings Of a Writer.  Check out Val’s books on her website.  Corgi Capers is a mystery series for kids, and Faulkner’s Apprentice is a supernatural chiller for grown ups. cor·re·spond·ence   [kawr-uh–spon-duhns, kor-]   noun 1. communication by exchange of letters. 2. a letter or letters that pass between correspondents. I received a card from my friend Kendra today.  An honest to goodness card, sent through Read the rest of this entry »

Book Club Discussion Topics

The Clock Of Life by Nancy Klann Moren Reading Group Discussion Topics 1.            Uncle Mooks often spoke phrases that held deeper meaning. His famous words “conflicts are for talking out” referred to his bitterness over the Vietnam conflict.

Book Club Trivia Questions

The Clock Of Life by Nancy Klann Moren Trivia Questions: 1. Where does the book take place? 2. What is Uncle Mooks prized possession?

The Clock of Life by Nancy Klann-Moren is a compelling book-club delight that engaged our members in lively discussions running the gamut from race relations in the Deep South to mental illness; from the Vietnam War to coping with death; from what it means to be a friend to what it means to be a hero. Our members were thrilled when Read the rest of this entry »

A Southern Classic

This book is reminiscent of “To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee and is one book that will remain on my Kindle. Set in the 1980’s in a small Mississippi town it is story about a boy’s coming of age in a place where things haven’t changed much since the civil rights movement. When Jason Lee Rainey starts school he Read the rest of this entry »

An Important and Moving Read

Giving the gift of experience is one of the most important functions of literature as is conveying important moral messages and lessons. The Clock of Life does both extraordinarily well. You gotta love a book that lets you walk in the shoes of the characters, feel their hearts and souls and live their lives. This is just such a novel. The author has Read the rest of this entry »

A Must Read

The South’s ugly past (and present) struggle with racism has been the topic of many novels, but few authors have handled the post-Civil Rights Movement period with such skill as Nancy Klann in The Clock of Life. How did the South handle friendships between white and black students in recently-desegregated schools? What happened to the Vietnam War veterans after their Read the rest of this entry »

Enjoyable and Memorable Read

Jason Lee Rainey lives in Hadlee, Mississippi in the 70s and 80s. He knows nothing about his deceased father until his first day of school when his mother tells the boy that his father was a hero. As the novel progresses, the story of his hero father slowly unfolds and coincides with Jason Lee’s coming-of-age struggles to grow into a Read the rest of this entry »

`I mean, whatever you do, make sure you stay one step ahead of the second hand.’ These are just some of the wise and wily words spoken by Uncle Mooks, our main character Jason Lee’s Vietnam War veteran uncle, and this terrifically successful book is just brimming over with such bits of insight and wisdom and humor and a true Read the rest of this entry »